EyeDetect - Lie Detection

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Computer Forensics.

Computer forensics is the use of specialized methods of analyzing, recovering and validating electronic data from Windows and Mac platforms. Computer forensics requires a trained examiner to verify the data is collected in a forensically consistent manner to preserve any data on the media.

Penile Plethysmography (PPG).

Phallometric testing using the penile plethysmograph involves the measurement of changes in penile circumference in response to sexual and nonsexual stimuli. It is a device used to measure sexual arousal to both appropriate (age appropriate and consenting) and deviant sexual stimulus material.

Cell Tower Mapping and Tracking

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EyeDetect - Lie Detection.

Deception causes subtle changes in the behavior of the human eye due to increased cognitive load. EyeDetect uses a high-definition, infrared eye-tracking camera to measure these subtle changes, and then combines the measures in a mathematically optimal manner to detect deception.

Mobile Device - Cell Phone Forensics

​We offer a full line of forensic and lie detection services to address your criminal, civil, or personal needs.  

When the truth really matters... count on us.

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PPG Penile Plethysmography

Cell Tower Mapping & Geolocation Tracking.

Our Cell Phone Technology & Forensic Data Recovery Certification allows us to map suspect movements through use of legally obtained cell phone records. We help you understand cellular records.  Proven way to display cellular records in a court of law.  Understanding the usage and manner of cell phone tower records within investigations.

Computer Forensics

Cell Phone / Mobile Device Forensics.

With support for more than 15,000 cell phones and mobile devices, including Legacy GSM/CDMA devices, iOS , Android , Blackberry, Windows Mobile™ and Chinese devices, our examiners can perform advanced mobile device investigations for forensically sound data recovery.

Computerized Polygraph.

We measure and record several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration activity, vasodilation, and electrodermal activity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions in order to facilitate truth.

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