James Black is a former Federal Agent and Polygraph Examiner. With over 32 years of law enforcement and polygraph experience you receive quality service and experience. He was one of the youngest polygraph examiners trained at the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute and the youngest examiner to have graduated from the FBI Advanced Studies Program.  He is an independent contractor with Forensic Technologies, Inc. and maintains his own business,Western Polygraph.

James is bilingual (English and Spanish) and has conducted polygraph examinations in Europe, Middle East, Central and South America.  Agencies requesting his assistance include the Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. State Department and other Federal agencies. He has conducted examinations ranging from family related issues to high profile criminal cases.

Jim is the only polygraph examiner on the Western Region of the U.S. whose work has been reviewed and validated in a case before the United States Supreme Court.  Jim has been certified as a polygraph examiner by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Justice.   He has conducted over 8,000 clinical and forensic polygraph examinations.

He is a former Instructor with the American Polygraph Association and has trained students in foreign countries.

Current inspector for the American Polygraph Association.

Member, Board of Directors for the California Association of Polygraph Examiners.

Full American Polygraph Association.

•    Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, Texas State University – San Marcos
•    Master of Arts, Webster University

Darryl Bullens is a former Special Agent for the Virginia State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation and former State Trooper for the Tennessee Highway Patrol with a total of over 27 years experience working with and for law enforcement agencies. Mr. Bullens graduated from the Backster School of Lie Detection and is a Full Member of the American Polygraph Association, with membership also in the American Association of Police Polygraphists, California Association of Polygraph Examiners, and the British and European Polygraph Association, along with certifications in digital forensics and cell site mapping.   Mr. Bullens also proudly serves on the Technical Advisory Board of Converus, Inc., the parent company of EyeDetect.  

Mr. Bullens has been involved in many high profile cases all over the United States and has been featured on many news programs.  His firm has conducted in excess of 10,000 examinations with he, himself, conducting in excess of 8,000. Mr. Bullens has been utilized as an expert in both federal and state courts.

During his tenure with the Virginia State Police, he served as an undercover narcotics agent working closely with the DEA task force in Washington, DC. He also participated in the Lisk - Silva homicide case in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the disappearance and suspected homicide of Alicia Showalter Reynolds in Culpeper, Virginia, and the Weed and Seed task force in Winchester, Virginia just to name a few. 

​Specialties: Forensic and Criminal Polygraph Testing, Computer and Digital Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, Cell Tower and Geolocation Mapping.​

Darryl Bullens

President & CEO

Yesenia serves as administrative assistant to the CEO.  She handles scheduling and is involved in data collection, analysis, and research efforts.

She may be reached at 619-235-6691, Ext. 104 or by email at yesenia.torres@forensictechnologies.us

John Tefft

Polygraph Examiner

​San Diego

James Black

Chief Polygraph Examiner

San Diego

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Maria serves as the office manager and works in the San Diego office.  She is responsible for invoicing and payments receivable.  She also assists with scheduling and acts as liaison to our clients to resolve any issues that may arise.

She may be reached at 619-235-6691, Ext. 101 or by email at maria.guerrero@forensictechnologies.us

John Tefft attended Backster School of Lie Detection in San Diego, California, one of the country's most prestigious polygraph schools.  He is an independent contractor and owns his own business, Paladin Polygraph.

John Tefft is a retired San Diego Police Department Detective.  During his 33 years with the Department he was assigned to the following divisions: Crimes Against Property, Vice investigations, Special Investigations Unit and Auto Theft.  During the last fourteen years of his career he was assigned to the Homicide Unit and has investigated over 500 homicides, death investigations and police-officer-involved shootings.  He was cross sworn as a Federal United States Marshal, which enabled him to investigate multi-state and international thefts. 
Mr. Tefft was an instructor at the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy where he taught Interview and Interrogation to new law enforcement officers.  He also was on the staff at Grossmont College, where he was an instructor for the Correctional Academy.  His subjects were General Law, Codes and Statutes, Courtroom Testimony, and Interview and Interrogation.  

Mr. Tefft has testified as an Expert Witness in civil procedures in the areas of Interrogation, Homicide Investigation, and Best Police Practices.

He is a member and Vice President of the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE).  He is also a member of the American Polygraph Association (APA), and the American Association of Police Polygraph Examiners (AAPP).
Over the course of Mr. Tefft’s career he has received numerous Commanding Officer commendations and letters of commendation from the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. In 1997 he was selected by the California Homicide Investigators Association as Detective Of The Year and in 2008 he was selected as Detective Of The Year by the San Diego Deputy District Attorney’s Association. 

Several of Mr. Tefft’s investigations have been profiled on such television programs as The Investigators, Solved, Murder by the Book and Crime and Punishment.
Mr. Tefft has been a guest speaker for several groups, including the California Narcotics Officers Association, the San Diego Fire/Paramedic Department, the United States Border Patrol and the United States Marine Corps.

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