Cell site analysis is a means of establishing the geographical location of a phone when calls, SMS messages or downloads are sent or received. With the average person carrying at least one, if not more, mobile phones, being able to determine the movement of this mobile device can be invaluable evidence.

Cell Site Analysis allows forensic investigators to;

  • Identify specific locations in which individual and multiple mobile phone have been used.
  • Track changes in physical location and identify a time line of use or non-use.
  • Identify contact between different mobile devices and landline numbers.

The evidence gathered from the Cell Site Analysis can be further correlated with other outputs from the digital forensics process such as mobile device forensic extractions.  Cell site analysis combined with mobile forensic processes provide a wealth of information.

In the context of an investigation Cell Site Analysis can:

  • Test the validity of alibis.
  • Show proximity to a crime scene.
  • Determine if individuals in a case have been in contact or proximity.
  • Identify patterns of movement by suspects and victims.

All examiners are certified via PATCTECH

Cell Tower Mapping - Geolocation Plotting

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