Polygraph alone 75% to 92% (depending on technique used and base rate of population tested).

EyeDetect alone 86.5% to 93.5% (depending on base rate of population tested).

With regard to infidelity testing, we can offer solutions to fit all budgets.  With our new EyeDetect technology, we can test your spouse or partner within approximately 40 minutes and tell you in a numeric reliability format (0 to 100) whether or not he or she has engaged in physical sexual contact with someone other than you since your marriage, commitment date, etc.  We are also able to test over whether or not your spouse or partner lied to a list of questions you had them answers (questions must involve past acts/actions - not thoughts, desires, etc., only whether or not they did or did not do some physical act).

EyeDetect costs generally run around $299.  Traditional polygraph costs are between $400 and $750 for infidelity testing.

What is EyeDetect?
Deception causes subtle changes in the behavior of the human eye due to increased cognitive load. EyeDetect uses a high-definition, infrared eye-tracking camera to measure these subtle changes, and then combines the measures in a mathematically optimal manner to detect deception.

Why EyeDetect is a Revolutionary Lie Detection Method?

  • Innovative - First deception detection method that effectively monitors subtle changes in the eyes to “see truth.”
  • Fast Results - Tests take 30 minutes and results are ready within 5 minutes.
  • High Accuracy - Classifies examinees as truthful or deceptive with 86% accuracy.
  • Nonintrusive - No cables or sensors to attach to the examinees.
  • Incorruptible & Unbiased - The human-based examiner element is eliminated, and the data are encrypted in real time.
  • Bank-level Secure - Same encryption and physical security that banks use.
  • Multilingual – Tests are available in various languages.
  • Economical - About 1/2 or 1/3 the cost of traditional polygraph.
  • Complete Analytics & Reporting - Reports are ready within 5 minutes. Group test results may be filtered by date, department, test type, credibility score and more.

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